Nasdaq Intra-Day Elliott Wave Analysis

Nasdaq Intraday Elliott Wave view suggests that rally to 6429.5 ended Intermediate wave (3). Intermediate wave (4) pullback is currently in progress to correct cycle from 8/21 low (5753.6) in 3, 7, or 11 swing before the rally resumes. Subdivision of Intermediate wave (4) is unfoldingasadouble threeElliott wave structurewhereMinor wave W ended at6246 and Minor waveX ended at 6391.75.Minor wave Y of (4) is still missing the 100% area at 6096.24 6209.28, thus another leg lower still cant be ruled out. Index should then resume the rally higher or bounce in 3 waves at least.

We dont like selling the proposed pullback and expect buyers to appear from the above area for at least a 3 waves bounce provided that pivot at 8/21 low (5753.6) stays intact. Alternatively, cycle from 11/29 peak has ended at 6231.75 low and in this case the Index is already in the process of correcting the decline from 11/29 in a larger 3 waves at least.

NQ_F Nasdaq 1 Hour Elliott Wave Chart

Nasdaq Dec 7

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