Country Ag Service - Products
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and specific needs.  Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Mycogen Corporation, is a diversified agribusiness and biotechnology company that develops and markets seed for improved crop varieties and provides crop protection products and services. The Company is organized into two business segments, Seed and Crop Protection. The Seed segment produces and markets seed for major agricultural crops and uses biotechnology and traditional and marker-assisted breeding to develop crop varieties with genetically enhanced pest and disease resistance, improved vegetable oil profiles and other value-added characteristics. The Crop Protection segment manufactures and markets environmentally compatible spray-on biopesticide products and operates Soilserv, Inc.
American Vanguard Corporation
American Vanguard Corporation is a diversified specialty and agricultural products company focusing on crop protection, turf and ornamental markets, and public health applications. The Company has continued its successful strategy of acquiring or licensing both new and well-established product lines that serve numerous high valued market niches. New product development and international expansion also provide an additional stimulus for growth. Through skillful marketing, diligent product registration, quality manufacturing, American Vanguard has positioned itself to capitalize on developing trends in modern agriculture. American Vanguard will continue to meet the needs of a world demanding ever-increasing quantities of agricultural products for human food, animal feed, natural fibers and alternative fuels.  American Vanguard’s subsidiary, AMVAC Chemical Corporation, develops, manufactures and markets effective agricultural and commercial products for crop protection, non-agricultural and public health applications. AMVAC’s product development capabilities include new product acquisition and/or licensing for U.S. domestic sales and worldwide product distribution. AMVAC operates four manufacturing facilities in the U.S. that provide flexible production of high-quality products with an excellent record of safety and regulatory compliance. AMVAC also maintains a very robust product registration function that has successfully maintained the intellectual property value of the company’s portfolio.

The Kruger Way
Every Farmer needs every Acre to perform to its fullest. Dennis Kruger was a grower who understood that,first hand. That's why he used aggressive introduction of better genetics to maximize yields. He let indecent, third-party trials confirm his results. We still do it that way. And that is why Kruger is known for producing First Class Seed. Growers know Kruger offers First Name Service. Better Yields from tested Genetics. A Dealer network that truly cares about each Farmers results. Thats the Kruger way.

Stine Has Yield
For three decades, Stine Seed company has been changing the face of agriculture. From our industry leading soybeans, to our unique line of High Performance Seed Corn, and on through our unique approach to the science of seed, Stine continues to deliver on the Stine Has Yield Promise. As the largest independent seed company in the country, Stine is dedicated to serving our farmer customers.