GPS Soil Sampling Programs

Here at Countryside Ag Services we work hand in hand with Agronomic Solutions to provide you with the state of the art soil sampling you demand.

Management Zone Soil Sampling

We divide a field into management zones based on soil type, crop lines, and internal features. Zones average 8-10 acres in size. Each zone is sampled at multiple core sites. Maps include individual management zone acres, soil types with CSR ratings and soil names, fertility layers (ph, p, k, om), and recommendations with total material costs and per acre costs. We will also work with the client’s ag supplier in preparing variable rate recommendation files.

Grid Soil Sampling

We provide grid sampling on several size grids, including 2.5, 4.4, and 10 ac grid for manure management plans.

GPS Boundary Measurement

The external field boundary is driven. All internal features such as waterways, terraces, ponds, and non-crop area are measured out. Tile intakes are also mapped as well as crop lines or other boundary features. The map can include an aerial photograph and roads/stream data as background images. We also print whole farm maps showing name, location, and acres of all fields together.

NEW!Smart Management Zones

Smart Zones have just been added recently to our sampling programs. They are created similarly to regular management zones, however instead of using only soil types, crop lines and internal features, we utilize past yield data and topography to create the zones. Doing this more accurately represents the productivity of the field and creates zones that can be used for other purposes such as variable rate planting and variable rate nitrogen. Zones are created one season ahead of sampling time due to time required of gathering larger amounts of data.

Smart Grids-Grid by Soiltype
This program is unique to regular grid sampling by utilizing digital soil types in the field to determine where the soil sample site will be taken. Instead of pulling the cores in the center of a grid, the sample site area is moved to the most prominent soil type inside each grid. The number of samples taken are the same as grid sampling, but the placement of the sample is more
Frozen Ground Soil Sampling

Due to demand and the hard winters we have been having we have built a frozen ground soil sampling rig. A 2010 Polaris Ranger has been equipped with cab and heater for operator comfort even on a sub zero day in the Midwest. Gps system and soil sampling probe are all mounted in cab for operator convenience. A special carbonite tipped soil drill bit is used for bringing the frozen soil core into the cab.

Tile Line Mapping

We measure the field boundary and drive each and every new tile line. This is great information to have on hand for future reference or repairing a damaged line. A map is printed showing the field boundary, location of all tile lines, and feet of each line.